CEEL supports district-level leaders through customized, needs-based, and transformative leadership opportunities. Leaders will learn together and challenge themselves and each other to identify and master those specific skills and behaviors needed to improve student achievement over an entire district.

District-Level Leaders' Workshops

Pre-registration and payment are required to attend all CEEL workshops. No walk-ins will be accepted.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call the SCASA office at (803) 798-8380.

Participants may register for all three sessions at a special price or may register for individual sessions at full price. 

You have the option of attending Gold strand sessions at any time, but in order to earn your Gold CEEL certificate, you are required to complete each full-day workshop in the Silver and Gold strand series in its entirety.

Please click on the links below for session descriptions and to register.

Silver Strand

You are required to register for the full series for the CEEL District-Level Leaders Silver Strand for 2020-21. If you need to take any of the individual courses below in order to complete your CEEL District-Level Leaders Silver Strand, please contact April Griffin at (803) 798-8380.

Full Series (includes sessions and dates listed below)
The Work of Leaders—What Does the Research Say?09/29/2021
The Art of Influencing Others11/11/2021
Preparing for the Role of the Superintendent02/24/2022


Gold Strand

Full Series (includes sessions and dates listed below)
Transformational Leadership11/17/2021
Leading the Unleadable—Book Study01/11/2022
Moral and Ethical Leadership02/23/2022